Keriel The Stinger

Made by Ruardin Forge Binder in the common year of 91__ for the druid Amun-Tero Hakshem, this pure white javelin is made from soft birch wood from the frozen forests of the Hinterlands. It weighs only what the wood of the object weighs and has several common druidic runes burned into it (using metal tools made from burning of a tree that was struck by lightning). The butt is tapered and wound through a pair of chain links to give it weight and bind enchantments – the smith’s signature.

The weapon is a normal javelin in all regards; it has no bonus to attack or damage – though it is considered magical for assessing resistance.
Attunement: Yes
If an unattuned character grasps and moves the weapon an Alarm spell triggers for 1 minute with the sound of a terrified horse.
As a Reaction, the attuned thrower can make a sound that causes the javelin to return. As a Bonus action, the attuned owner can make a sound and the javelin will transport instantly into their hand from anywhere up to 30′ away (even if held by another) – Note that a Silence spell on the item will prevent it from hearing the sounds and activating the effects.
Poison Spray can be cast upon the javelin (absorbing it in the process) and if it is thrown before the end of the next round the cantrip is delivered along with the normal damage of the weapon (causing a 5′ cube of poison gas). If the weapon is not thrown or used, the effect targets the wielder (whoever has the weapon) instead.

1) The alarm sounds were all the maker could achieve in the short time he was given to craft the weapon in.
2) Poison Spray was used as a power because its the only cantrip Wizards and Druids have in common like that.
3) The maker was not known for his weapon making skills at all, and this ventured into uncharted territory for him.
4) An air elemental is bound into the item.