Demons Edge

The description I have is: “Demon Bound Knife: Protects against magical damage (strong presence 4).

We gave it to Kye to carry and use (well, if we ever find out exactly what it does – we should have done that in Thurlow, or maybe Tameri could do that?) as daggers and knives seem to be his thing.

And you were clear, that there is a Demon bound in the knife, not a Fiend. Though maybe a strong fiend is better than a weak demon?

The only thing we ever found out about it is that it REALLY didn’t seem to like occult/magic focused people, and that it had a STRONG Aura (I guess that is what the strong presence is).

I believe that we attempted to get it identified, but who did the identifying was only able to give us a very basic idea of what it did, as it would require touching to get more, or something like that, and the individual who did the Identifying (Geri? I can’t remember) didn’t want to touch the thing. Or you really didn’t want us to know what it did…until we attempted to use it…

I believe Naked carried it a while (but as far as I know he never used it), and the knife didn’t like to be around Fazeel or Geri, if my memory is correct.

But NO ONE in the party has ever BONDED or exchanged essence with the thing – just to be clear. I am certain of that. But of course, I am sure we could do that if we so chose…

And we really don’t know what it does, except it seems to absorb magical energy and/or is an occult slayer type of weapon. Maybe more?

But it has a demon bound to it, and it may or may not be evil, but we suspected it may be so. and I think it might give off an evil type of feeling, but I can’t remember specifics, but I believe when we found this thing (I believe in Tarly Castle) we were able to discern pretty quickly there was a demon (not a fiend) bound in it, and it was a strong and powerful type of weapon for whatever it was made to do.