Bone Shaker (sword of the Steel Realms)

Steel Realms

Bone Shaker is beautiful heavy broadsword, made from a metal that seems to glint and ripple, as if a thousand tiny wheels and cogs were moving under its surface. The blade itself is plain and unadorned other than a few gemstones and the rune-carved unpronounceable named of the noble Earth Elemental (direct servant of Ogr̩moch РPrince of Elemental Earth) that was bound into its form and hammered into shape. The blade is edged on both sides, and the tip sharp; the grip is wrapped in fine woven chain. The cross-guard, tang and pommel all contain inset chambers for holding precious stones. It is inlaid with rubies and sapphires usually worth a thousand silvers [as a habit by Jaq].

Common Powers
  1. In addition to the normal non-magical slashing damage, it does an added D6/3 non-magical bludgeoning damage.
  2. The blade negates the first 10 feet of knockback from any effect applying to its wielder (as long as they possess it on their body - it need not be drawn).
  3. The blade has a Resilience of 4; it can only be repaired by powerful magic.
  4. Armor Piercing > Against Medium Armor and Shields, the target's AC is reduced by 1. Against Heavy Armor it is reduced by 2.
  5. Pulverize > [In the hands of a wielder who possesses either Kinetic Aptitude or Affinity] Whenever a Resilience measure is expended to reduce its effects, an additional measure is used in addition; the weapon does twice as much structural damage.
Affinity: Kinetic (key to some enhanced powers)
Aptitude: Kinetic (key to some enhanced powers)
Class: "Warrior" type classes (Fighter/Barbarian/Ranger/Paladin; key to some enhanced powers)
Essence: 3 to Bond (DC 10 Charisma; can attempt each new level)
Aura: 6 (6 non-resistable radiant damage for each failed battle of wills)

Channel Divinity > The if character who is bonded to the blade has any uses of Channel Divinity, the divine blood infused in the healing of the blade can be called upon 1/Long Rest; the wielder makes a DC 10 Wisdom check to regain a use of Channel Divinity.

Closer to the Divine > Multi-classing to Paladin for the Celestials/elder gods/Wyld faith has its ability requirements reduced by 2.

Infused Champion > For a single encounter, the wielders CHA modifier (min. +1) is used for all saving throws and attacks. During this time, the first effect causing the character's HP to fall under 1 the sword itself automatically will use False Life spell - using the wielder's level to determine what spell level it is cast at. Also during this time, the wielder can call once upon the power of the blade to, in the same blow, cause any hit to pulverize a measure of resilience from a non-magical shield or armor protecting the target, and cause the target struck to make a DC 20 Dexterity check or be knocked prone. This can be used 1/Long Rest and the wielder loses 3 Essence temporarily.

In the hands of a wielder who possesses a "Warrior" class:

Earth Faculties > (While in possession, not need to be wielded.) 

Walking Sword > The sword will spin on its point like a top towards the owner up to 400' away in a single round (as long as it is on real ground). This can be used 1/Short Rest as a Reaction or Bonus Action moving 100' per round.

Bloodline Bound > The elemental prince was dying in the chains of the Drow when the Essence of a human was permanently sacrificed to it to infuse its life and give it the strength to break its bonds. Those of either direct or cavalier family 'Blackwell' branches can wield the blade without any effect. Those not of this blood line feel as though the blade requires a 28 strength to wield. It does no extra bludgeon damage and 1 less damage per point of strength the wielder is short of the 28 (max. of 0 = character cannot lift). Additionally, those of the bloodline, while possessing the blade, grant it an extra measure of Resilience & can detect creatures of earth/earth elementals within 90' as a Bonus Action each round.

Overwhelmed Essence

Bone Shaker was built for one thing - to wreak vengeance upon those who had done wrong by, cornered and removed options for, and enslaved (albeit in a gilded cage) Jaq and her Gallantine brothers and sisters for all time. It is aware of everything going on around it within 120'. If it can subsume the will of a direct enemy of the bound family or a Gallantine body then it will work insidiously to get as close possible to the highest value enemy target and have them killed. The sword will whisper its concerns and observations (such can only be heard by the wielder at sunset and sunrise for a few minutes; the word is heard to vibrate slightly by others) - all tricks and lies, but meant to sew doubt in the victim's mind and place the idea the target has had their place taken by a shape shifter or someone covered by illusion and is working against them... either way it will drive them to try and kill their allies.

Alignment: Neutral in matters outside the Gallants; Intelligence: 14, Wisdom 13, Charisma 12, Sanity 20; "All Speech" communication is understood by any creature that can speak a language.

The sword was forged in an alternate material plane - it is not native to the metals of Helca. It is plain in sight for such a powerful blade, but its outward appearance covers the truth that a named creature of Elemental Earth was bound to the blade to empower it. It rings true and clear when unsheathed. The blade itself has many stories which demontrates its primary power to rend and tear asunder armors and shields protecting its targets, and knock prone those who try and stand in its path. There are tales of the blade in the hands of The Gallants of Dunstrand and their annals taking a horrendous amount of damage and not breaking - it is rumored to have scars upon the blade. 

> Other Names: "Bone Breaker", "Shield Breaker"

It resists all attempts to further etch, chisel, or carve words or designs to its durable surface. The blade would look to be 15 or more pounds from just its visual appearance, but is much lighter. The blade has a massive "healed" scar on its forte (from where it nearly broke), and what appears to be faint scorching "scar" on the foible on the opposite side (from the bombardment suffered in another battle on another world). It is rumored to cause fear in magical creatures that dwell in Elemental Earth. It is said that the earth creature imbuing it with power was a true prince of Elementals. It is said that if you stare at the blade long enough in a deep quiet place, the cog-like effect rippling under the surface cause it to shimmer and display scenes of it's history. It was originally seen in 9132 supposedly wielded by the daughter of Gerladine Blackwell - Lady Jaq Blackwell, under the banner of The Gallants of Dunstrand.

> Typically a DC 15 or higher Check

The blade was forged by Ghalios Mag'Antis of The University in PanGeDiam (he was the metal weaver) he was known for his study of earthen magic and ultimately focused on manipulating metals. Unlike most of the Mages of the university he preferred to craft his magic not with words but with the stroke a hammer. He was something of an outsider even among the tinkers because he found the tiny component they worked with silly when compared to other magics. But, no one in any of the school could put into doubt his skill at crafting armor and weapon. Bone Shaker was his second attempt at using a large amount of Essence from the future owner. The first attempt was disastrous consuming the would be wielder's soul and part of their physical person. This created a grotesque sword and armor piece, that he has kept as a reminder of his folly. He reached too deeply into a willing student's very being and took Sanity, Charisma, and too much Essence. In the process he became flush with power and he pulled the metal materials he wanted from the students very body destroying him. After creating the marvelous horror he choose to dismiss his remaining students permanently. Crafting weapons and armor as requested and studying to possibly undo his mistake. The simulacrum (soulless) of his student/victim resides in his workshop. The other magi found his sentimentality over the loss of a single student ridiculous and chided him whenever functions requiring Masters were held. He used the advent of these new comers called the Gallants to practice a technique he had been developing. The results of which he was truly pleased! He took another singularly mammoth risk in making Bone Shaker - his next project, in the same fashion. The elemental's name is Kor (being unpronounceable otherwise) - it is a greater minor prince of Earth Elementals, and a servants of the great one's court that had been bound into service of the Drow, tortured by them under fathoms of water for hundreds of years, and freed by Ghalios on one of the rare raids by The Academy on the Drow lands. His impressive clock work constructs made Kor trust him with his plan to have the elemental prince assume the form of a sword. If ever the blade does break it cannot be re-forged as the elemental will be freed at that point - this was the deal. He could not figure out how to break the Drow bindings, but infused the Essence of Jaq in order that the elemental itself was able to break the final Drow shackles of service. It understood the nature of the plight of Jaq and the Gallantine... revenge it understood quite clearly and so the deal was struck. Quietly he would sleep in the sword, nigh unbreakable.

There are many "nicks" - scars along the edges, all "healed" and representing no structural compromise. The blade was nearly destroyed and a godling on the new world being created healed the sword of the damage it had taken. This pact was put to the test against the fearsome lich/godling and world destroyer, and once again the elemental prince himself on a battlefield, dying, blasted into molten metal. Not just the sword had been hurt, but the elemental essence has been soul burned. And this time the same human used the blood of a god and favor to heal the blade and Kor - and so the blood of the Blackwell's and that of Kor are bound forever.

Totally Unknown: On the tang, under the grip is "JAQ"carved and next to it an ancient symbol of the Steel Realms god Malek (the "hidden one") indicating an odd alliance. Also, some of the twisted nature of the godling that nearly destroyed it remains - The wounds that it leaves in flesh are clean never jagged - and it absorbs (Wisdom DC 20 to notice) a small bit of blood to sate its thirst from some of the wounds it delivers.

After capturing Jaq for her part in a raid against Umbakians in the campaign of the Golden Child, Bone Shaker was taken from her. They tried all manner of breaking it - bend, shatter, fire, magic and in the end sunk it off Queens Coast. The priests of Elancil recovered it, not knowing what it was but its incredible magical aura not easy to ignore, and their transport was lost in a mist. A Ship of Elancil lost in the mist. Off Dwindor Swamp. What really happened no one knows, but an Aasimar - a descendant of the Celestials, found the goblins guarding it on the shores of the halfling lands near Umbak when they had put it in under cover of mist for supplies. He recovered it, and returned it to Jaq - not far away.

> Typically a DC 20 or higher Check
Price: Inestimable