Mexin’s Gold Ward

This is the original and as far as history knows only Sigaek’s Breath of the power and scope of its kind in the realms. Rumor has it that it sits in the Heroes Hall, threadbare and ratty, ignored by those that would seek to use its powers for fear of it coming apart. Still other rumors place it in the southlands, the northlands, and in Umbak. Perhaps there is more than 1, but it is distinct, with its glittering real golden thread woven throughout it.

Truth: There are several

There is only one original (Heroes Hall), but several copies were made. The one in the hall was worn by Selthar the Equalizing in his old age – its shield trinket saving his life from an assassins blade at one point.

Mexin was a “free thinker” by his own assessment, and a royal pain in the ass by all others. He was an independent magus that spent years unraveling many orders Sigaek’s Breath ceremonies – infiltrating them and somehow passing truth tests in order to create a master worked robe that combined the powers and knowledge of the most powerful orders and the most obscure all into a single item. The records are pretty hazy about the original, but it was rumored to have been made from a different material plane (Oerth?), or sometimes the web of phase spider. He was known to have pulled out several strange items over time – always having the right item for the right time and place: A spicy chicken leg, a brick, a cart wagon wheel, a lit torch of colored flame, an owl chasing a mouse, a swarm of bats to eat a swarm of insects, a snow sled, a rope swing, a dozen flowers, a bunny, and a pot pie.