Farolds Wall

Steel Realms
The shield is about 3.75′ tall by 3′ wide and half inch think in most places. It is dark in color and appears to weigh a great deal. It was last wielded in legend by Farold Oshman.
Common Powers

The item has the Resilience of a large, heavy shield (3), but the encumberance of a small, wooden shield. It is made up of petrified wood and a stone boss - its looks like it should weigh 40 lbs. If the shield is burried in natural earth it heals 1 Resilience per Long Rest duration that it is burried. 

Affinity: None
Aptitude: None
Class: None
Essence: None
Aura: None

The item negates up to 5 feet of knockback or movement adjustement from any affect - the owner is much more difficult to move off-balance. For effects which offer a Save against their movement affects it grants a +2 bonus. Any power or ability that does extra Resilience damage is negated - the sheild can only take 1 Resilience damage in any given attack/blow - no matter how big or powerful the effect is. 


Overwhelmed Essence

Farolds Wall is an ancient shield imbued with earth elemental power. It can take hits and keep on going, and has the remarkable ability to heal itself. 

> Other Names: Crellwans Ward
> Typically a DC 15 or higher Check

The earth elemental is a slumbering greater elemental named Oohmn (unpronouncable otherwise). 

> Typically a DC 20 or higher Check
Price: Unknown