Armor of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms
Armor in the setting follows the normal armor found in DnD.

Armor Unique to the Setting
Name Armor Class Strength Stealth Description
Fandelkrayne As Studded Leather +1
Resilience 1 & 2 uses of Resist Fire
13 lbs; 1200 silvers
Ice Lizard As Scale Mail 14 (max Dex. bonus of 3)
Resilience: As Scale
10 16 lbs; 3200 silvers
Sigaeks Breath Vestment +1
Resilience: 1 w/Mage Armor
Order or Group reward/0 silvers

Armor Descriptions

Fandelkrayne: Made using the oils from the Narvo plant in Fandelok, and the horse hide from the mares of T’yendi hills and breed with the males of eastern Fandelok it creates a strong, supple leather non magical in nature, but with the superior qualities of magical leather – even more. The armor can be used to interpose and reduce flame damage twice – but it cannot be repaired. The armor is highly sought after and expensive.

Ice Lizard: The massive lizards that used to prowl the north now only are found in the mountain ranges, underground and in the lands beyond the Blue Wall. It counts as Light, not medium armor. They are prized in the north by all for their light weight and protection. The armor is Immune to Cold damage. If ever it is taken to warmer climes (out of the Hinterlands generally), it becomes Hide Armor – with all those statistics.

Magic/Notable Armor

There are many suits and items of armoring that are magical in nature in the Steel Realms. Aside from items in the Hero’s Hall like the armor for the Black Gorgons, there any many individual items with long histories.

Sigaek’s Breath: This is the general name of the Ceremonial magic of the Occult Orders of the Steel Realms that creates a magical vestment tied to their order’s oaths and members. There is a minor version of this defensive apparel that nearly all orders provide as part of their normal initiation and services to members, and a major version which augments and protects the occultist even more. It is woven of thread “doused in The Pattern and spun by breath’s of occultists in their waking dreams”. It is a robe or long cape with hood (capable of covering the wearer if needed). Each order also has a unique minor affect their members can evoke by virtue of their oaths and the sigil inscribed. The most famous of these, and most powerful in the realms is Mexin’s Gold Ward.

  • Minor: If Disguise Self is used it suppresses the items magical aura if so desired. When presented, it has 2+D6 spell trinkets, sewn onto the item like a Robe of Useful items; these can be used in place of an Arcane Focus if one is not present or broken. Each level with the order they will place another D6 on the item. In addition, it has more items which operate as a Robe of Useful items: hand mirror, knife, quill, ink pot, 10 sheaf’s fine paper (all of these replaced at each level). If the spell Mage Armor is cast on the wearer, the item is imbued with 1 Resilience and offsets the loss in AC for a damaged item by 1 for the duration. The magus must trace the sigil in gold ink (real; 200 silvers worth) while a crafter affects the repair.
    REPAIR: A Mending cantrip will prevent it from falling apart (cannot use Resilience until permanently fixed).
  • Major: If the wearer has Occult Affinity or Occult Aptitude, and they are the victim of a Bane spell its effects are reduced by 1. If the cantrip Blade Ward is cast on the wearer by the wearer, it lasts for 2 turns.
    • Named Armor