Ditch Witches

Steel Realms
The Ditch Witches were originally a band of all-women mercenaries. They were active from Karolak to Loamwold, making a living fighting at sea, were many fear to go.


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.
If nothing is indicated, assume Common Knowledge.

Most Recent Stirrings

The company was decimated serving Loamwold as marines in running blockades imposed by Gwinn out of Scar flow. They were decimated in 9170, when the boat they were defending was rammed and sank. Only 5 women survived. With no more older women, and the connection tho their past lost, the five decided to hire men – and settled in the south of Bar-Innis doing some protection runs for smugglers. Five hard women and 2 men; their policy is “no boats” – plain and simple they were almost all killed on a boat fighting, no longer wish to do it.

Early Years

They suffered horrible loses, being very unadpet with their weapons. However, at each village, they gathered the widows and offered them a home… their was always some to fill the ranks.


The original company was the female refugees from a coastal village north of Karolak – fishermen. All the men were dead and nothing left. They gave their remaining children to the Green Church to raise and all embraced the spears and daggers their men had died with. Thirty one women went forward to serve.