Order of the Green Scales [disbanded 8044]

Steel Realms



These gentle souls were mostly silent; they were an enigmatic order that used harps and lutes to communicate but rarely with words. They were charged with always being on the move, and were known foremost for generosity to commoners (food and drink and sharing a warm fire). They were also a favorite traveling companion to Bards of the Realm.


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.
Founded in 6408 by the Green Church in the Vale Evander, the order was envisioned as a kindly one with vows of community, order, cleanliness, and charity. They roamed the heartlands, traveling along streams, lakes, rivers and coasts. After the fall of the Sea Kings is their heyday… but they were challenged and driven into the far reaches by the rise of the Silver Talents (who would duel them on the road – they were good fighters, but not that good)… The High King officially disbanded the order in 8044.
The order went into decline, and the leaders of the order sought refuge in the north where maybe 100 warriors roam carrying on the old traditions.

Items of Note

Green Sleeves

Polished, bright shiny scale armor; dragon-like green/blue that does not degrade from weather/exposure – just dulls