Rempheros (dead faith of the Bronzemen)

Steel Realms

Rempheros is the name of the collective beliefs of the Lords of Bronze. It is a way of living, seeing and venerating the natural world. There is little written about it – it is mostly passed down from oral traditions. The first medicine man made mention of in the histories is Rempheros, the first teacher. And so, these teachings bear his name. The faith died out with the destruction of the Lords of Bronze. There have been many attempts to synthesize it into the common faiths of Helca, but none have persisted. There was a deep sense of both fatalism and dynamism. That nothing specific was ever set, that the winds could blow in any direction. On the other hand, the winds never stopped, and sometimes, there was no avoiding one’s fate. This gave them both vibrancy and a certain amount of serenity and acceptance in the face of adversity. One must always strive, but accept that there are some things which cannot be avoided -(the “Voices of Fate”) that are part of the natural order.

>Motto: “.

Testament to Faith

This is for the generalized aspect of the faith, not individual deities, cults, or institutions.

Core Principles and Goals:

Common Covenant/Tenets: What values, observances, vows and activities will all those of the faith have? An oath of loyalty and service is usually exacter.

Finding Faith – Discovering and cementing the faith/follower relationship:
> [Initiate] Trials: These are trials that a character may be part of in order to prove their bond to their faith.

  1. Affirmation of Authority
  2. Affirmation of a Vow

Common Practices and Customs

This is for the generalized aspect of the faith, not individual deities, cults, or institutions.

Ishar – The River That Winds Through the Stars

Ishar is the embodiment of energy, cycles, and their flow through space and time. Ishar brings change, and sometimes eddies into stillness. On it all creatures on borne on their path. The Bronzemen were the first of the inhabitants of Helca to tap into this, and through their use of Ley Lines amplify their magic which took them from a small, frightened enclave to a powerful expanding population.

The Vannuun

The Vannuun are the great spirits – the demiurges- of the world. They are carried by the winds and see everything, hear everything. If you know their language, they will whisper their secrets to you. This can bring madness and despair, as it most often does, or knowledge and power. There are 5 spirits. One for each compass direction, and one representing the “polar” wind – the chill wind of death. In truth, there is little understood about the fifth wind – it is mentioned only in obscure texts. They have no names, but also correspond to the dual force of peace and violence, creation and destruction. The Vannuun are one of the most ancient and least understood cults of the Bronzemen.

The Breath of Stars

The Vannuun brought forth the great beast with no name, the first dragon. This dragon was born aloft into the stars by the winds of the Vannuun. It is from this great cosmic birth that the material creatures came to be in the world. The dragon, who has no true name, is referred to in text as The Breath of Stars. His creation drained the Vannuun, and the stars in heaven nearly went dark. The dragon was the first creature, and from it began the shapes the creatures that would populate the stars. It combined its magics with that of the Vaanuun to make the beasts and beings of the worlds.

Lighe – Child of the Vannuun

In a few legends, there is also a demigod who was born of magic. A daughter of the Vannuun and the Naannun, she is spirit made flesh. Her name is never spoken, but translated as The Green. She is also called Lighe, and associated with the goddess Gaia. Scholars relate the two as mother and daughter, but the Bronzemen never adopted that belief. Lighe was said to be able to make things grow at her very touch. She was said to be able to see Ishar – the great river that winds through the stars. In the myths, she is sometimes the one who shows the Bronzemen how to take the secrets of the Slir and gives them knowledge of the rune of time.

Nemesis – The Unknown

The Vannuun are balanced by their nemesis, an unnamed spirit that translates to “silence” or “quietus”. No matter the word, the inference holds that it is negation. Some have equated it to Mog Creach, but there are many small dissimilarities.

The Naannun

The Naannun are the great spirits of beasts. They are primordial, and are often translated as the archetypal or Davrosian spirits of Helca.