The Patron Witch of Dwindor

Steel Realms

For as long as recorded memory of Dunstrand, there has been mention of The Witch of Dwindor Swamp. Some believe she is an ally of the fallen Sea Kings. Others believe she was a creation of the Bronzemen. Many theories abound, but little is known of the enigmatic figure which is bound to the territories of Dunstrand. Her reach extends no further, but as the self appointed guardian of Dwindor, she is a demigod in power. The creatures of the swamp are her senses. It is said she wanders the roads sometimes, an old crone with a crow. She has come to the aid of Dunstrand several times in its history, but also has she attacked, harassed, and slaughtered its inhabitants. She keep council with none and her motivations are hidden in the mists of the swamp. The Orrish of Dwindor Swamp consider her a goddess, and venerate her directly. Her power seems absolute in Dunstrand Vale, she and her servants draw strength from the very air, water, and land. Her supposed wickedness is legendary… the portrait she paints is one of evil and selfishness.

Peoples Reaction to Her Agents: The people will be fearful of her presence/symbol. They know the witch is a two edged sword, and the presence of one of her agents/adherents brings a lot of anxiety. The farther away from Dwindor, they will fear it less and see it more as something they can mock and attack.

>Motto: “.

Testament to Faith

This is for the generalized aspect of the faith, not individual deities, cults, or institutions.

Core Principles and Goals:

Common Covenant/Tenets: What values, observances, vows and activities will all those of the faith have? An oath of loyalty and service is usually exacter.

Finding Faith – Discovering and cementing the faith/follower relationship:
> [Initiate] Trials: These are trials that a character may be part of in order to prove their bond to their faith.

  1. Affirmation of Authority
  2. Affirmation of a Vow

Common Practices and Customs

This is for the generalized aspect of the faith, not individual deities, cults, or institutions.

The Ancient Covenant

The Witch of Dwindor is Dunstrand. Her will is the light that guides the hidden powers that move, make, and destroy the fortunes of the ancient vale of Dunstrand. Every creature in the vale is her eyes, ears, nose and mouth; what they perceive she may perceive. I too am an extension of her senses and agent of her will in all things. She is the shadowy mother of intrigue, the iron maiden of war, and the withered crone of disaster. She is the vengeance that flows down from the peaks, rivers, and clouds over those that would bring down her spirit and drench the vale in the blood of strife. I deliver wrath upon those she decrees. So to do i operate to ensure those she deems worthy flourish in her machinations. While i am within the vale, she is the ultimate power I look to, the answers to what I seek lies within her vision and so i align my efforts and goals to elevate her and the power of the vale.

Oath of Service

The oath that those who serve her now is much abbreviated. It is simple, and goes thusly:

“While in Dwindor, I bow to her wishes in everything – though they be in opposition to mine. The Witch of Dwindor sees more than I and I, as her agent, will fulfill her requests with all the powers of my disposal.”

You recite the oath, and willingly open yourself to her power. You feel a protective shroud come down over you. You know that the Witch has protected you ever so slightly from outside forces of magic while in the vale. You also feel an itch in your gut. At first it is a gnawing sensation but quickly fades. Something has been planted in you that will take hold if you cross her.

D20 Adherent of the Dwindor Witch

The character commits themselves to the a power base of the Vale of Dunstrand and the interests of the Witch of Dwindor. Their power as an agent is measured in Pledged levels (# of levels the character has achieved while in service to her). While they do have an extra measure of power, none of them work against the Witch herself. The character fulfills as Geas and sacrifices 1 Essence at the time of their oath, and a Geas at each 4 levels. While within Dunstrand, her Adherents gain the use of one of the following powers per level pledged (does not change once taken):

  • Required: Under the effects of a Gentle Repose spell.
  • Advantage on saves vs. Poison and Disease from sources in the swamp.
  • Advantage on Sanity saves from sources of fear/fright in the swamp.
  • Advantage on Survival checks.
  • Advantage on Nature checks.
  • Immune to the Entangle spell.
  • Immune to Thorn Whip and Ray of Frost cantrips.
  • Ability to cast Fog Cloud 1/Short Rest; it does not obscure the vision of the caster.
  • Ability to cast Pass Without Trace 1/Short Rest.
  • Gain the benefits of Non Detection.
  • Ability to cast Purify Food and Drink 1/Short Rest.
  • No Moor Cat will attack the character.

Her true followers are actual Druids, Clerics, Warlocks and as a patron of Eldritch Knights and Arcane Tricksters.

Nerislin the Seeress

For Millenia, the figure of Nerislin claimed the title of the witch, and was very active within the Vale of Dunstrand. She has many enemies, and was known to show mercy on upon common folk with common names and blood. It was said she would deliver dire warnings to many of the common folk, helping them avoid broken bones, fires, and accidents of all natures.