The Houthas

Steel Realms

The Houthas are a set of ancient chants developed by the Lightbringer clergy as a test. The phrases contained praises of the Lightbringer gods, ideas of justice and equality, quality and beauty. It was said that no Orrish could repeat them without wincing, sneering or otherwise revealing themselves. The dark gods are thought to have taught the means of negating these impacts when an Orrish spoke them, and the Houtha’s are used in common liturgy only and not the special occasions on which they were founded upon.

History of the Houthas

Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.
The original Houtha’s were set down in CY 2610 in Dundarian. When they were first set down, they were words in ernest, though to many now they appear as syrupy, embellished and unrealistic.
The Houtha’s had power because the ideals of the Lightbringers were true to the words. Over time though, with successive translations into different languages, dialects, and influences, the words became striped of their powers. The fear of their meaning rang hollow from the days in which they were founded, and the Orrish grew to no longer fear speaking them.