Ghosts of Conscience (Order of Aerna)

Steel Realms

There is only a single monastery to the order, that is in the Duchy of Fandelok. IT is so controversial that the order was founded with a charter that expires in 100 years. If the authorities find fault, it will be dissolved entirely at that point. They are primarily the “guard arm” for the White Sisters, but escort any of the orders of Aerna where needed. There are only a few hundred at this point.


Originally established in 9128.

Spirit Brother Aidem converted to following Aerna in 9117, at the age of 38. He has been trained in Ten Swords Academy of the Vale Evander, in the way of the Ten Points style of unarmed combat – a rare form of unarmed martial arts. Traveling as an attendent to the White Sisters he put his mind to adapting his unarmed knowledge to the precepts of Aerna. “Spill No Blood” – This precept the followers of Aerna must obey, to the death. And so, Aidem worked for years to create a style of unarmed fighting that would satisfy the church (although it is still highly controversial). Pressure points, locks, bars, and even a few throws and stunning blows. Tested in the bandit heavy southlands for 5 years, protecting the White Sisters in the hot lands of the south it was considered a success.