Crying Maidens of Aerna

When a cloister, convent, or monastery of Aerna or Lightbringers in general is sacked/pillaged and the settlement falls, it is the followers of Aerna who are last. They tend to console the dead and dying – martyring themselves. They drag attackers down and impeding their rush to kill others. When one is killed viciously, horrifically, and in great pain, Aerna harnesses that suffering for a form of revenge. It will not physically harm anyone, but will haunt the killers to keep them from the place of her followers and to inflict on them a madness.

This effect has not manifested in recent times. The highly settled lands, and general static national and social conditions have seen a drastic drop in this manifesting itself. There have been several sacks of an order house without any reprisal. It is thought to be a left over from the Umbakian expansionist days.

Condition: Being within 40’ of a member of the clergy of Aerna, or a holy place of the Lightbringers.

Manifestation: Crying and sobbing mixed with a wind chime like sound starts at a whisper and rises in crescendo.

D20 Crying Maiden Effect

DC 10 Sanity check whenever the condition is triggered. They are overcome with sorrow.
Condition: Restrained

Incarna Core rying Maiden Effect