Malek, god of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

Malek, Lord of Deception and Betrayal

This is the codes, symbols, and strictures that followers of the Church of Light live by in general.



Common Covenant
High Covenant
True Covenant

Code of Conduct



Background Requirements

Sacred Places

Restrictions on Entering:

Sacred Items


Purpose: Characters can easily adopt one of the standard faith-based Purposes; Roleplaying

  • Recovery for the faith or destruction of an enemy of the faith's Sacred Item (relic).
  • Creation or a new or restoration of a Sacred Place (holy ground) or destruction of an enemy faith's.
  • A political or social spotlight and/or office for the faith to elevate its position in society.
  • The destruction of a powerful enemy of the faith.
  • The violent and aggressive abolition of a particular creed hostile to the faith.

Old Ways of Malek

Malek was not always the evil god of deceit. Once Malek was known as “the hidden hand”, “the hidden player”, “the spoiler” – he was the patron of trickery, subterfuge, cunning (gaming even!), and the underdog (given sacrifice in order to remain underestimated and overlooked by one’s enemies) – not the decidedly negative “deceiver” and “betrayer” he has become through his association with the gods of darkness.