Tear Gift of Ezrilus

Steel Realms

Before there was a reckoning (estimated about common year 15 – the Time of New Blood), the goddess gave of herself some of her divine essence in order that life might win against the conquering death that was threatening all species on Helca. With the mass devastation and untold number of deaths in the battle of the Valley of Sighs, the ebb and flow of life was at an all-time low. Ghosts haunted everyone’s dreams, children were dying in the womb, and fear still walked the land while the remaining Orrish and their allies began to succeed in their plan to bring death and destruction to all.

Those who worshipped nature collected in a vigil under the full moon. The goddess Elancil, who had fled the Valley of Sighs when she first was brought through the gate of the blood of Saemon, was drawn forth from hiding. Engulfed in the full moon’s light, it drove back the darkness and she raised her head, long turned away from the suffering. And when she saw the devastation again, she cried at the loss of life and hope. Her despair caused a great storm, and her tears a deluge and cleansed the carcasses from the valley. Her tears mixed with the waters of the world, and so unto every race and being who drank water over the next year was given the possibility of breeding with any other. The word of her sacrifice spread and all trysts that once were barren, were fruitful. It was said that her sacrifice made it so that she herself could no longer have a living offspring, that the fertility taken from her left her bereft of children herself. The chains on death had been released and hope sprung anew though. The disease and toxins of death were washed away by life and nature allowed to resume its course.