The Rimbus

The Rimbus were a band of earth spirits of Faerie cast, that were formed from the life magic of a dying Elven Soul Tree and the fell presence of The Deeping. There were five distinct entities and they were venerated by the Edraim as holy messengers and carriers of the dead, and Ducateon as messengers of doom and death. In common with these is the stasis they brought, almost a malaise of calm. As the Edraim faded, so did the power of The Rimbus. Now their presence is concentrated in a few “holy” places which are instinctively shunned by all other creatures. It is said there are still a few of the Edraim, watching and waiting for a sign, able to commnunicate with the Ducateon collective, the Orrish, giants, and that these holy places are also Feywild Crossings.