Merkaine, goddess of fire

Orders, Sects, Cults

Flickering Flame

The Flickering Flame,also known as the Order of Depelia (named after its first adherent Sister Depelia in CY 6710) is an order who follows Merkaine’s playful side, whimsical side – reflecting both chaos of flame, but a lighter side. They play to the kinder aspects of the Merkaine followers… their focus on story, fun, passion, and humor.

Motto/Saying: “‘Tis but a trick of the light!”

Hearth Fire Guardians

Inactive; Order Disbanded around CY 7200; The guardians were originally said to be women warriors, women of the north who had lost their families to the undead scourge of the Lich Lords. Over time, it grew and changed – widowers were allowed in, and eventually it became an unrecognized martial order. It had several shrines on the front lines of Kaald, and even sent a squad to the wall at Northgate Garrison. Gardia Delruk, the mother-matron of the order hunted down Kralloc the Red – a killer of priests in the north. His half demonic heart was ripped from his chest and cast into the flames, cursed. Rumor said it would not stop beating, and so she took it to a smithy and had it beaten until it no longer pumped. The blood was used to quench a suit of scale armor, imbuing it with magical properties – and so the rid-tinged scale armor became the symbol of the order for a thousand years. During this time, the “lady” who Kralloc served was hunted to extinction. This lady being a blue skinned hag, who kidnapped young women and bred them with her demon lover. The half demons were tracked over hundreds of years to their mothers lair, where the entire order converged. Half the order was wiped out, but the last of the priest killing soldiers, the hag, and her demon lover were all killed. The order was able to make several more scale suits, quenched in demons blood. Unfortunately the suits proved to be a curse. The ghost of Yallodocious the hag hunted down the wearers of the armor over the next 400 years, driving the order out of the north until the ghost was supposedly laid to rest in CY 7043 at great cost. All suits were destroyed after that, when their vulnerability to the hag’s mate was exposed. The guardians were then only a sacred band operating out of Northgate Garrison, in service to Merkaine. Without its northern support, the last of them left the wall in CY 7200. It is unknown what the fate of them was exactly, but one of their Lt’s was named Azrudur who was seen in north Umbak. He was supposedly killed by the Silver Talent knights and the last of the sacred hearth armor was taken. Rumors persist of the Umbakains attempt to wear it, placing it upon pages and squires and eventually discarding the last suit into a river in southern Dunstrand – somewhere in Bar-Innis during a foray whilst following “bandits”.

Motto/Saying: “The fire in the blood is my shield in the dark of night.”

Hearth Fire Armor

Scale Mail armor (and coif) that is tinged red. The scale have burnt red edges on them – making them look menacing.

D20 Hearth Fire Armor
Demon Armor; Scale Mail (not plate). The armor has a Resilience of 3 and absorbs 1 damage per dice of flame damage from any damage done to the wearer as long as a living person is wearing it. The wearer can spend 1 point to be able to see in any form of darkness (magical or not) for a round, as a Reaction. It also allows the wearer of the coif to sense demons when within 100m – including number and general power (HD).
Incarna Core Hearth Fire Armor

Purpose: Characters can easily adopt one of the standard faith-based Purposes; Roleplaying

  • Recovery for the faith or destruction of an enemy of the faith's Sacred Item (relic).
  • Creation or a new or restoration of a Sacred Place (holy ground) or destruction of an enemy faith's.
  • A political or social spotlight and/or office for the faith to elevate its position in society.
  • The destruction of a powerful enemy of the faith.
  • The violent and aggressive abolition of a particular creed hostile to the faith.