Order of Davros

Steel Realms
“Order” is a misnomer. The Davrosians are named for their original member, the first Agent of the Wyld Faith and the path of the “true” druid (as opposed to the Wyld Druid). Bhe-Davros was a Nakrian shaman who (as legends have it) was struck by lightning and thereafter able to see great spirits of the Wylde Horde (they are often called the Davtosian spirits). They are the self appointed agents of the world itself to watch and ensure the natural order is not interrupted. The Agents of Helca are a terrible power. Whenever one is operating nearby, expect powerful forces to be at work. These are dedicated to serving the interest of the health of the world. Members of the order are sought out at birth. They can be of any alignment, background, or race. They are chosen without any understanding of how or why. The priests of nature and lesser druid defer to them, and sometimes openly oppose them. They are mysterious and powerful.

Those that have been a long time with the order are said to be the most powerful of beings in the realms. They form pacts, delve into the clergy, and all manner of mystic knowledge nor normally part of a single character’s path. They are rumored to be long lived – some even immortal.

  1. They give up all their possessions – nothing remains of their past; they may wield no weapon crafted or wear armor crafted. They may only wear armor any carry weapons fashioned from natural materials.
  2. They give up their name and adopt a new one from the order; Their new name is written in sacred pigments on their back with a colorful outline of wings – this never fades.
  3. They are considered “unaligned” in all senses except for the preservation of the world, and are considered calm in all but the worst situations.
  4. They adopt the Code of Conduct: Wyld Bond
  5. They adopt the Code of Conduct: Obedience to the Whispers of Helca; They lose the skills and most of their memories of their Background and are reborn into Davrosians.

Progressing as a Druid

You are the agent of the order – not your own person. You may be not allowed to to perform actions or aid certain parties – it is not yours to know all such things.

Items of the Order

Belt of Branches: