Wyld Faith and Green Church of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

Wyld Faith

Veneration of the demi-urges, elemental, and archetypes – an animist approach that includes the gods of the green church.

The Briarwood

The Wyld faith does not stand on structure and built edifices. The sacred spaces of the wyldin are referred to as a Briarwood. It is a stand of local trees, with dense foliage instead of walls. These can be shifted to create “rooms” as needed. Briar winds through it and around it for defense, giving it its signature name. A Briarwood is immune to normal fire, and the briar, brush and trees can be animated by Druids (and cannot be used against them). There is usually a small spring of drinkable water, and gardens that produce a huge bounty.

  • Briarwood Ash Pouch: A pinch detects disease and poison
  • Briarwood Gourd: Combines water breathing and minor healing
  • Briarwood Bark Rope: Can be wrapped around for bark-like armor, or looped around an area to speak with the plants

Green Church

A dualist perspective with Gaia as the All-Mother, and Darupet as the All-Father. While it acknowledges the archetypes, they are subordinate spirits to the greater gods of nature.