Djerduth the Lord of Death

Steel Realms

Djerduth was once the “god of death”. A powerful spirit which represents mortality, frailty, endings, and the cold dark emptiness of the void. He was venerated only to ward off his presence, to appease his hunger and little more. As a symbol, his followers were everywhere – their mundane presence served as hospice and palliative care for the poor and weak. Actively, his symbol was the symbol for endings – endings of life as well as mundane acts; treaties, partnerships, relationships, etc.

When the Lich Lords took control of the death gods power, they were able to operate through his sacred places. Once this was discovered, they were nearly all burned or razed to the ground. A few powerful old adherents were able to still draw on his power and re-sanctify several places – most hidden – though the caretakers of most of them have long since passed and they are forgotten.

The Narcosa Guild of Salth Marsh – a Necromancer’s brotherhood – still venerates the ancient death god. The animate dead are merely tools to them. They seek knowledge of the body and are decent healers and physics. They carry on some of the rites and rituals and are said to be able to gain Piety from the god, who looks favorably upon their actions. They keep this association as quiet as possible.

Purpose: Characters can easily adopt one of the standard faith-based Purposes; Roleplaying

  • Recovery for the faith or destruction of an enemy of the faith's Sacred Item (relic).
  • Creation or a new or restoration of a Sacred Place (holy ground) or destruction of an enemy faith's.
  • A political or social spotlight and/or office for the faith to elevate its position in society.
  • The destruction of a powerful enemy of the faith.
  • The violent and aggressive abolition of a particular creed hostile to the faith.

Rites and Rituals

Rite of Endless Voices