Church of Darkness of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

>Motto: “.

Testament to Faith

This is for the generalized aspect of the faith, not individual deities, cults, or institutions.

Core Principles and Goals:

Common Covenant/Tenets: What values, observances, vows and activities will all those of the faith have? An oath of loyalty and service is usually exacter.

Finding Faith – Discovering and cementing the faith/follower relationship:
> [Initiate] Trials: These are trials that a character may be part of in order to prove their bond to their faith.

  1. Affirmation of Authority
  2. Affirmation of a Vow

Common Practices and Customs

This is for the generalized aspect of the faith, not individual deities, cults, or institutions.

Reward and Afterlife

The church of darkness rewards its members with power and wealth. Those who follow its ways are rewarded with personal power – a casting down of ones enemies, slaves, wealth, food, and blood.
The ‘desolate darkness’ is the ultimate destination of all souls, but through the gods of the unholy trio can be found the ‘soothing dark’ – a cool, dry place of endless possibilities, where there is finally quiet from the unending noise of the struggle for life. The blood of those killed in life provides warmth in the embrace of darkness, and only that ensures that the next world is bearable. Its adherents are also promised a place in the afterlife which has a desirous slave for each life taken, and that the greater the stature of the kill in life, the tastier their ‘puinto’ – soul slave – meat will be to feed their killer in the life after.

The darkness and beyond is comprised of three abyssal realms; the Voikatis – where the favored go, Kemizharoun – banished souls and a place of trial, where life continues on until the soul proves itself, and Fworgai – the fiery hell where souls are consumed and tortured forever. Each sphere has 8 dukes which rule over different lands, forever themselves locked in a struggle for power against their masters and themselves. These dukes are ‘The Keepers’, they convey the souls of the dead and create the channels of power for the unholy trio, who send to them the souls of their followers – both sides needing the services of the other to maintain their powers.