Essence of Gargit

The Celestials of the realms learned how to mingle their own male seed and eggs with the power from the Fertile Crescent’s womb to make a substance they called Gargit (‘gar-jit’). This substance nourished ghouls and vampires, and allowed the Celestials to return several powerful undead from the thralldom of their Lich Lord masters. None knew of its existence, except for those most trusted by the celestine forces. The knowledge of its making faded from the realms as the Celestial pantheon were destroyed, one by one.

Gargit’s Effect On Undead

Gargit’s Effect on the Dead

Gargit’s Effect on the Living

Any living character ingesting, breathing, or snorting more than a few particles must make a DC 15 Constitution save. If they fail, they are considered to have 1 automatic failed Death Save for the next 48 hours. It will heal as a minor healing elixir (D6/3 + 6) and after the initial save, any Constitution saves gain no proficiency or ability rating modifiers for 48 hours. At the end of the 48 hour period, the recipient also gains a level of Exhaustion until they finish a long rest.