Divine Presence in the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

Members in the context of group benefits means fully paid up in dues, and in good standing*.
* “Good Standing” May mean different things for different groups – generally the promotion (wearing of colors and symbols openly, attributing it partially to the success of a character in public, acknowledging special days and ceremony, etc.); the member is basically not in discord with the order/groups administration and general perspective. They must possess some rank within the group.

  • Trivial Presence: Theme members get basic services – a place to rest, meager fare, replenish mundane supplies – for their modest minimum or 5% tithe. Services like legal advice come at a reduced price.
  • Minor Presence: Minor members largely go unheard and are mostly in it for a little knowledge without having to commit to a major tithe (10% of their income generally) and support. Services like legal advice are generally free (without complications).
  • Major Presence: Major members of the guilds are active and pay a major tithe (25% of their income generally). They report on their whereabouts and adventures (without giving away secrets of the PC’s) and information they have gained in order to better inform their brothers and sisters. Services like legal advice are free. They officiate some ceremony and participate in group administration.
  • Preeminent Presence: As with Major Presence, but they are leaders and representatives within the community and are part of higher group administration. A certain amount of time each year must be allocated to maintaining their presence.