Ilbarsi Tribe Characters in the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

The ©Players Handbook is the defacto starting point for characters and races of the Steel Realms. The Human Ilbarsi Tribes people of the Steel Realms correlate to the Human race of DnD. Ilbarsi culture requires different options. They are closely related to the Pine Tribes scattered across the realms.

Ilbarsi Tribes Totem Warrior

The tribes have the standard totems available to them, plus an additional one.

Ram Totem Spirit: While Raging you cannot be knocked unconscious, prone or affected by anything which reduces your movement. Additionally, you need only half as much normal distance requirements for maneuvers and actions requiring movement.

Ram Aspect: You gain the focus and stability of the mountain ram. You have Advantage on all Sanity checks and any check involving climbing.