Elon Characters in the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

The ©Players Handbook is the defacto starting point for characters and races of the Steel Realms. The Human Elon of the Steel Realms correlate to the Human race of DnD. Elon culture require different options.

The Elon (traveler) folk of the Steel Realms are the equivalent of modern gypsies. Their population is human and a few half-elven only. The value mobility, freedom, and family; they dislike confining rules, don’t have much regard for the social mores of other cultures, races, and have no respect for the boundaries of nations. The concept of boundaries is not difficult – it is simply disregarded. They are cavalier, and often come across as rude. Most lack the ability to see why others fear and disrespect them – the social and moral superiority of their culture and people grows a myopic exceptionalism.

A quick reference for learning some common elements of society and place of the prevailing race/culture

They often do not participate in education programs – these too often challenge the exceptionalism at the heart of their own world-view. However, they do emphasize literacy; all Elon are literate at least in the primary language of the region they are in. They don’t recognize normal social standing strata; they see themselves at the top, and all others as inferiors.

Full Campaign Reference

Human: This regional experience is limited to humans (Faelen) and Half-Elves (rare).
These replace the standard Human species profile.
  • Disposition: ______ (+1 Charisma)
  • Disposition: ______ (+1 Constitution)
  • Lore: Elon +3 (History)
  • Skill: Performance and Deception +1; in mundane situations, non-Elon are at Disadvantage in detecting a Deception.
Languages: Mercat (rudimentary at minimum + literate) & literate in their primary language.

Background Restrictions: Charlatan, Criminal, Entertainer, Hermit, Noble (of their own people), Outlander, Urchin

Disadvantages: In social situations they are distrusted, characters may generally pay more for goods and services unless they develop a relationship to overcome this. They have developed a manifestly strong social focus to overcome this, but overcome it needs be.

All Elon follow their code.

Unique Backgrounds: None

The Elon are not a separate stock of human, but more an independent culture. They are rumored to once have been dwellers in the east in the far past, before it fell, as they bear some physical resemblance to the Ilbarsi (who they openly trade with despite that people’s hostility to outsiders as well) Hill People in the Tolkisson range (though Elon eyes are almost all green, not blue like the Ilbarsi).
Whatever their origins, the Elon, who are now known as ‘travelers’ or ‘gypsy’, once occupied an area in the eastern edges of Umbak on the edges of rivers and forests, and the hills of SE Dunstrand Vale. Once they were nominal allies of the Sea Kings and their copper (a color sacred to Elancil) colored hair was considered the height of beauty in the imperial Yvaldeysian culture. They were said to have been fishermen and worshipers of Elancil, but they were displaced by settlement, war, and disaster. They resisted, though they were finally forced by the will of all ‘lords’ to move in order to satisfy the martial ambitions of the Teilhard’s of Umbak, then other lords who demanded land carved frm the fallen empire. Since then, they have sworn never to settle. Their culture has been preserved, at least their identity as a single people. They are typically hostile to outsiders, as the anger at being forced out of their homelands now projects to any outsider. This makes them unwelcome in most places, as many demonstrate little regard for the welfare of property of non-Elon. Though their plays and music ARE welcome, and through thee their culture and provide a mystique for the rest of the world. Though the hostility to outsiders is the common perception, most simply try and make their way amidst a world now hostile to them. They are said to be followers of the goddess Elancil, though their culture typically frowns upon open practices of faith. Their accent is thick and they commonly have green hued eyes and coppery colored hair. They tend to stick within their own culture for marriage. They follow a loose code of conduct where their own people are concerned.

Elon Code (required of all characters):

  • Always help one of the family when asked as a brother or sister in need
  • Always shelter one of your own against pursuing authorities
  • Take the side of the family first in all things until proven otherwise
  • Business is business – keep it separate from personal matters
  • Never grow too attached to items – such things come and go; family is most important

Dirty Fighters: They have no compunctions about using deceptive and dirty tactics. Victory is not something noble, it is just necessary. They have a strong self preservation streak that means they typically learn to use improvised items and tactics which may be seen as “dirty”. There is definitely no limit to which they would not drop to in order to ensure the survival of clan and family.