Half-Elf Characters of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

Half elves have the parentage of an elf and a human or other half breed. Sometimes dormant elven blood can evince itself in a generation – usually as twins of opposite genders. As children, they have distinctly elven features and grow slower (50-100 years longer than a human), making them more tolerable to an elven parent. Exposure to the sun and elements changes this as they go through puberty (age 18), and many are cast out by age 25. Half elves are universally reviled, often living at the outside of society and unwelcome in places where their features make them seem alien. They often pay more for goods and services, and folk are less inclined to help them.

The Cut Ones“: A half elf that has been exposed for days unblinking in the light of the full sun and moon, and cut the tips of their ears off, shaved their head and slicing their face. At the end of a week, assuming they dont die from infection, they heal. Their angular features and tell-tale signs of being a half elf are gone – eyes, skin, and hair color become washed out and human-like. Any soul gem they may have had cracks and turns to dust and its place is a deep scar (though they can be soul bound again, if they find a way). They are considered human for all intents and purposes. All powers gained through their ancestry and race are lost.

D20 Half Elves of the Steel Realms

The features of the half elves are a pronounced angular chin and cheek bones, odd color skin, hair and eyes, left handedness (50%), and thin lips. Their features are ugly to both elves and humans. Half elves gain no extra languages, and have only a DC 10 Intelligence check chance to know Feyloise (elvish), and unless their background or class provide an academic or literary tradition they are not capable of reading and writing. Half elves are normally born without an elvish Soul Gem (and cannot begin as Flora Bound, like full elves). They have a DC 20 Constitution check as a chance to be born with one – which grants them the knowledge of Feyloise, Primordial, and Celestial languages (DC 10 Charisma check for each as a chance to be taught the written version). Additionally, they have a DC 18 Constitution check as a chance to have Faey-Sight; If they have a Soul Gem, the DC is 15.

These checks are optional; for each primary check failed, the character begins play with 1 less HP.

If a half elf character chooses both Athletics and Survival as their starting racial skills (reflecting a rough upbringing in the wild), they receive no penalties for low attributes.

Half Elf Traits

Extra Flaws: The biological makeup of a half elf makes them prone to violence and anger. They are unable to overcome this, though their short fuse is greatly reduced when dealing with others of their own kind (where they are accepted).

  1. Grudge-Bearing: I remember every insult I’ve received and nurse a silent resentment toward anyone who’s ever wronged me.
  2. Short-Fused: Violence is my answer to almost any challenge.

Half Elf Class Adjustments

Barbarian: The half-elves of N’Lokrhia have ONLY the wolf totem available to them – leveraging a left over remnant of their wyld cousin’s wolf-bond.

Ranger: Half-Elves have an option of selecting a special Background – Darklands Ranger, but they must also take the Uncivilized trait.

Incarna Core Half Elves of the Steel Realms