Eladrin Characters of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms
The Eledrin characters – Elves attuned to the Feywild, are extremely rare but allowed in rare circumstances. A full and complete background is required. Being so attuned to a different passage of time, biological processes, and metabolism requires that the character

Digestive Attunement: The enzymes, metabolic systems and palate are all attuned to a complete different ecology. Taste, feel, scent, sight, and audio expectations are all radically different fro the fare they fine themselves forced to considered and consume. The entire experience of eating and processing is filled with anxiety, discomfort, embarrassment and a longing for the simpler times of good food allowing good graces. The character must make a DC 11 Constitution check each day, or they find themselves with a compromised system. They gain 1 less healing from each source during the next day, and lose in advantage on Constitution saves/checks.