Shaarmaas (Ducateon Highway)

Steel Realms

The Shaarmaas is the “under-earth super highway”, created by The Ducateon. Most consider it legend only, a mystical means of transporting goods and peoples that probably only exists in fables and myth.

In reality, it consists of oddly angled passages dozens of kilometers long, polished smooth and warped wit the effects of the Plane of Elemental earth. The rock sleds travel along these paths, moving goods and creatures at incredible rates. Most are mundane – it takes a great deal of continued work to upkeep these tube-like passages. Personal sleds achieve the rate of travel akin to an Olympic luge for hours. The larger and more hidden passages do exist, and use the power of the Elemental Plane of Earth in truth, to move goods safely over vast (a thousand kilometers in a matter of a hour) distances. The Ducateon go to great lengths to keep much of this hidden from the rest of the world. Any outsiders discovered are killed. There are times when it is employed in great emergency, but travelers are blinded and deafened, and magically put to sleep for the journey. Sages have searched for this fabled Ducateon magical transport means for eons, never realizing that there was a mundane one in front of them the whole time.


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.

The connected effects were built with the eventual aid of The Edraim, the last of whom are protected by the Ducateon as watchers for The Deeping’s effects along their routes, and incursions from the dwellers of The Underdark.