Rhenclave of Thol Wohrum

Also known as the Recondite Resonance Rhenclave lies in a lonely valley in the Step stone hills. A jagged gash is cut deep into a hillside, cutting into the face about 200 feet to a cave mouth. The small paved path runs in the center of the gash – nothing but some moss and fungus grows along the edges. A faint whistling sound is heard as you march down the path. Every sound echoes, and each step creates a jarring sound. As you approach the cave mouth, you can see it is wide and short – but tall enough for a human – just barely. The light seems to be pulled in around its edges, and so do the sounds you make. There is but one way to go, a passage that winds down. The bottom is over 200 feet deep. A vast chasm opens up, and a thin trail leads along the left edge as you face it.

Founded in ancient times by Thol Wohrum, a priest of Him. It is the equivalent of a Cathedral, there are few such places in the entire world.

Guardians of the Rhenclave of Thol Wohrum

It is guardian by a massive troll, kin to the Ducateon. Only those with a special stone and a sound that can be keyed to it are permitted beyond without a battle.