Aasimar Characters of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms
Aaismar characters are, generically, descendants of Celestials which manifested and mated with lesser creatures. True Aasimar – Direct descendants of the Celestial Patrons – have an alien cast to them, and a mindset that sets them apart from the Aaismar normal and heavily filtered descendants.

True Aaismar

Animal Feature(s): Partial feature manifest – cat eyes, whiskers, ears, fur, fangs, etc. – tell tale signs of animal heritage.

True Inheritors: The arrogance that goes with the species that uplifted mankind and the merovin.

Linked Parentage: These have their parents and grandparents take a direct interest. Each 3 years they must seek them out in a place of solitude for a chance to discuss that they have learned and what it is to be genuinely divine, and progressing as a entity. At the age of 15, the character is given a humonculus in order to see how they have a ‘creation’ that they may uplift and guide themselves.