Merovin in the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

the ©Players Handbook is the defacto starting point for characters and races of the Steel Realms. The Merovin of the Steel Realms has no direct correlate in DnD.

Origins of Merovin Characters

Nakria is the only place where any Merovin shape shifting form can be found. The tribes of Nakria are loosely formed around the Merovin animal “totems”, where The Celestials have fostered the Merovin since the time before recorded history. The only other forms that exist are Lions in the lands of fallen Synedcia (often priests of Lion Lord Rastur), Bears of the north and central heartlands, and wolves from the northern hinterlands and Rhyl.

Class Restrictions

Fighter: Battle Masters are not allowed except Nakrian characters.

Dark Gods Curse

In the early days when the Valley of Sighs was ravaged by war, and the tribes of Nakria was lead by The Celestials against the Unholy Trio, their rage and power proved to be the turning point. For their valor and victory, the gods of darkness called down a curse among their kind that persists to current day.

  1. Painful Shifting: The act of shifting which breaks bones and tears skin leaves the Merovin stunned for round after it completes, no matter how experienced they are. The only thing which can counter this is the Barbarian Berserk Rage.
  2. Feral Draw: Each time the Merovin shifts, they must make a Sanity check of DC 5. If they fail, the change does not complete as normal, instead going into the next round, where they must again make the same check. On a Fumble (a natural 1 or adjusted zero or less), they are stuck in their full beast form, and lose the perspective and gradually memories of being human. They will resist all attempts to return them to any other shape, and attempt to join the nearest animal social group appropriate or establish a hunting territory of lone predator.