The Edraim of the Steel Realms
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Steel Realms

The Edraim were a subspecies of Elves outside of Ynth that dwelt in the hills. They came into clash with the Ducateon and Orrish, and were warped in some places by The Deeping, and their fate of vanishing into the under-earth is confused with the rebel Drow in some histories (in fact they fought them, and often took in refugees from The Underdark). The Edraim’s clash with the Ducateon are the source of a lot of the misunderstood hostility between Elf and Ducateon. They venerated The Rimbus – five powerful spirits of the earth that promised to take the souls of the departed into the cools lands below, where war and toil is no more, water flows clear under the earth endlessly and there is a never ending bounty of cave mana. The Edraim were mostly gone by CY 7000 – their exact fate unknown.

Edraim Culture

Communication: They spoke only Sylvan, which they considered the one true language and to speak in anything else was an affront to nature.
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Small Beasts: The Edraim tended flocks of bats, rats, insects, and the like – they were never interested in the larger creatures. Multiples were important to them, and their guardians were swarms of these creatures which they could communicate with and direct.

Repellant to The Deeping: The customs and practices of their culture and connection to The Rimbus make them able to sense the presence of The Deeping if it attempts to move into an area sacred to them.

Hated Drow: The Drow are hated by them; they soil the blessed cool and peaceful spaces of the under-earth. The rebel elven refuge of The Underdark can be sensed by The Edraim.

Holy Places

The Cuurminas, also called Monasteries, were the place where The Edraim tended their gardens of stone (sacred to The Rimbus) and took in the refugees from The Deeping and The Underdark. This was their sacred mission from The Rimbus. Such influences are thought to believe toe source of their decline and eventual fall into obscurity and death.


Knowledge broken down by ease of discovery/prominence.

Little is really known. It is believed that The Ducateon wiped out the last of them, taking their Monasteries for themselves. This is only partially true. The Ducateon eventually realized the unique nature and role of The Edraim and tried to save the last of them. The few monasteries left are kept hidden by the Ducateon and The Rimbus, it is one of the few places where those warped by The Deeping can go to heal.

Ducteon Protection: Now the Ducateon protect them and shelter them. They act as scouts and are easily hidden in the out-holts as elven travelers and seekers of knowledge if they are seen. The Edraim can heal the effects of The Deeping and are experts at sensing the enemies of the Ducateon – and so they symbiotically exist in a few places.