Dragonborn Characters of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms
These characters have been wiped out a little after 4000 CY. They have not been seen in the realms since. It was thought they were hunted to extinction, and they could not be trusted except as harbingers of a dragon’s wrath.

Most scholars believe, in retrospect, that it was a mistake to destroy them. Their loves were as much jeopardized as the humans they lived with.

It is rumored that some may have survived and fled far, far south – sheltered by the Merovin tribes of Nakria.

Character Aspects

Dargonborn Insight: [2 Essence] – The character is deeply in touch with their dragon blood’s heritage. They are able to use their Breath Weapon as a bonus action; any 1’s rolled fro damage are re-rolled. If their Sanity is 12 or higher, they are immune to dragon fear. They gain +1 Intimidation vs. other races. They learn quickly at a young age – other Insight traits only require spending 1 year within the culture or conditions to pick up before the age of 15. They are proficient in Draconic language and literate. They intuitively use curved blades, gaining proficiency in weapons like their claws such as falchions and scimitars. Characters with Insight will typically weight #300 and be 6’0″. These Dragonborn possess a Compulsion: bound to blood – if good, they will never harm and only protect eggs of good dragons, and so for evil Dragonborn for evil dragon eggs. At 5th level they can let out a roar 1/long rest that causes all creatures within 60′ radius of 1 HD or less to flee automatically.