Draconis of the Steel Realms

The dragons and their kin on Helca have, like in most places, been through a long decline in power and presence. Like most worlds, the dragons eventually fall into the Draconic Slumber of Ages and slowly fade into great spirits whose consciousness flies across the vast reaches of the cosmos.

The Dragon Born, dragon newts, dragonlings, and the species that once worshipped them and enhanced their power are long faded from the Steel Realms. There are many a Dream Dragon still.

The age of wyrms is past: Most scholars believe the dragons have retreated from Helca. All that is left behind is their dreams. There may be some still sleeping, but they can be counted on one hand.

Dragon Clans

N’dir Clan

Last Elder Scion: Aproshol the Black (CY 7914 last known)

Eisht-Pahk Clan

The last known appearance was the demise of the clan in the Dhagroz Mountains of what became the Vale Evander. The dreams were extinguished, and by CY 5200 the last three dragons of gold and silver were slain by princes and kings of men, elves and Ducateon.

Belw’n Clan

Last Elder Scion:

Na’grindl the Green: This dragon was only a young wurmling when last seen in (CY 7692). It is believed that it was killed by Melta’nii na Aproshol of the N’dir Clan in the Vale of Dunstrand area. Though mages and priests alike have searched for the Pattern Pulse in order to tap into its dream power, nothing was ever found – not even the death spark. This has lead to much speculation, and concern. If even one dragon remains physically present and awake, it may usher in yet another age of vicious destruction, setting back progress in The Realms yet again.


Dragon Ages: The “Ages of Dragons” in the Steel Realms are a reference to the time when the dragons were woken from their long slumbers and were inflicted with an anger and became a child of violence and destruction.

First Age of Dragons

Second age of Dragons

Third Age of Dragons