Mog Mother

Steel Realms

This creature is mostly spawned for and dedicated to Mog Creoch – The Devouring Wurm. It is created through the Rite of Endless Voices. The caster of this Rite becomes a slave-thing in service to the creature. It is still connected in some strange way as well – they share all memories.



id=”call-to-madness”>Call to Madness: Once a day the creature may broadcast its insane gibberings. Those outside the lair in a mile radius who have a Sanity less than average must make a Sanity check or they rid themselves of all their gear while walking to the lair where they will bask in the madness of the creature and transform into a feral humanoid until they can be magically cured or they are dead. Creatures within the lair must all make a Sanity check as well, even then the whisperings of madness take their toll in a worse way.

Outside Lair: DC 9 Sanity check; transformed into a Grimlock; Lesser Restoration to cure
Inside Lair: DC 14 check:

  • The character immediately drops to a pile of gibbering idiocy. There they will remain until they are healed or an hour passes, after which they rid themselves of their gear and make their way to the creature to become a Grimlock as above. Healing consists of either a full DC 12 Persuade check of talking them out of their state or a Lesser Restoration spell. Regardless, it takes 10 minutes after healing for them to regain their faculties, during which time all checks are made with Disadvantage.
  • Success: The character is mentally and physically weary; They take a level of Exhaustion and become Light Sensitive (Disadvantage in daylight) until they take a Short Rest. All Initiative checks are made with Disadvantage until then.
  • Full: No effect but slightly distracted (-1 Initiative).
  • Crit: No effect at all.

Feral Call: The creature is able, 1/Long Rest, broadcast a wave of confusion in a half mile radius. This causes domesticated animals to go feral. Animals in pens with break their pens to flee. Animals like dogs, cats, and service/pet type animals will attack their owners. The call has a 50% chance to allowing the creature to control later, and summon 2-4 domesticated creatures per round until there are no more. The confusion lasts 1 hour. Animals already wild will make terrified noises and run in terror for a single round – usually such prey goads the predators that have gone feral.
> feral beasts gain a full D8/4 hp and will swarm targets – grabbing polearm weapons, shields, arms, legs – any exposed target as a bite AND grapple.

The Great Devouring: The Mog Mother gains a movement rate of 30’ for 10 rounds and for a round makes its attacks as Reckless Attacks with +2 Damage, and doubles it number of attacks (it can bite twice and spit twice – automatically recharges). Creatures knocked down must make a DC 10 Sanity check or remain stunned for 10 rounds unless they are attacked or threatened directly in some way. As a Reaction, the creature may attempt a Poisonous Bite on any target within 5′ that successfully attacked it previously. This bite requires a DC 13 Constitution check or the victim suffers Blindness until they take a Short Rest. The Aberrant Ground and Gibbering effects are doubled in their distance, and and resistance checks are made with Disadvantage. The check to determine effects of the Gibbering are made with a +2, with all results higher than an 8 treated as an 8. It may do this 1/Long Rest although if it is done outside its Lair, it must make 3 Long Rests before doing it again.

Lair Powers


  • The Crystal Watchers: The fluids of the creature pools and hardens into crystals which sense vibration. Given enough time, the creature can pile these together and create other things within its lair out of large groups. Otherwise the crystals can be placed and the creature can see through them up to 90’ when they are triggered by vibration from motion.
    • They are cold to the touch; They make anyone touching them feel like retching
    • Creature can can get information in any room or area of its lair via the crystals. It must use its Bonus Action to do this. It can see through them out to 90’, but cannot see in the dark.
    • The crystals alert the creature when something larger than a rat moves within 15′
  • Multi-Attack: The creatures gains an additional bite attack as a Bonus Action over the normal one listed
  • Echoes of Misery: The slave-thing that created it can treat a Short Rest as a Long Rest 50% of the time – Failure indicates it gets no rest.
  • Arcane Sense Retribution: Any time a divination spell is cast (even by allies) in the lair, the spell has a 50% chance of failure and the caster takes 1 damage per level of the spell (min. 1). All extensions of a casters senses are seen by the creature (Mage Hand, Arcane Eye, Familiar, etc.) and can be attacked physically by it, if it within 15′ using a Reaction and doing the same amount of damage as the casting of the spell. This includes familiars.
    Familiars killed this way are not dead, but they cannot be re-summoned by the caster until the Mother Mog is killed. Until then, the familiar is under control of the Mother Mog and can be used to spy on its summoner and report back to the Mother Mog.