Steel Realms

This ancient and long past race of Great Lizards once prowled the Dunstrand Vale and areas near Umbak. They were eventually driven to extinction by the Dreadlords of Bronze, used against the Sea Kings deep spawn which terrorized coastal areas and swam up river to terrorize river settlements. As large as 10 horses, with thick hide and violet eyes, their breath was foul and fetid and teeth razor sharp; and they were fast beyond anything their size. Their claws and teeth were prized as ornaments and small weapons as was the pineal gland – which had a strange characteristic of calcifying on death. It was prized as an general ingredient to alchemists and wizards, used in potions and poisons and as an ‘accelerant’ to other magical processes. Just a tiny amount could affect much. It was rumored that some had been able to make incense whose fumes would allow a man just killed to be preserved, wreathed in the smoke, until his body could be healed and his spirit reunited with it.