A stranded form of Serpentis. They are also called the Seethlen; the cursed snake folk – a species once sacred to Ssisslenn (Lord of Reptiles), but
the dark lord Everdark has sought the remainders out, and bred them with fallen Nurthlings and created an abomination even they could not control.

Point of View:


Regarding Adventurers/Player Characters

Player characters of this species typically (or at least eventually) fall outside the normal Point of View of typical species members, and the Natural Wisdom of species lore. As such, generally, they cannot be the target of Favored Prey.


The Serpent Children of Oscoth

The Serpent Children are a particularly violent and brutal member of the Ameni Epyp family. They are 20-30 feet long, possess tough scales (AC 16 w/3 point damage resistance to each attack of non-magical piercing, bludgeoning, and slashing), have no arms or legs, but a humanoid head. They are all female, and seek out prey in which to lay their eggs. Once they lay a third leg, they begin their transformation into the normal Seethlen by shedding their skin 3 times leaving behind a mass of tissue, bone, and scales. They will try and coil (blows aimed at not hurting the victim are disadvantaged) around their prey, suffocating it until it passes out. It will then carry it to a safe place and implant the egg in the rectum of a normal humanoid. The egg will grow painfully for 3 months before hatching. Destroying the egg releases a deadly toxin directly into the digestive tract of the victim which causes the inner lining of the intestines to slough off. It slowly eats away at the unprotected tissue, preventing the normal formation of mucus and protective bacteria – the victim eventually dies from painful multiple infections.

Senses: Can see in magical and total darkness, light of any sort does not affect it – it is blind by sight.