Druid of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms
All druids are members of the Wyld Faith – the natural and animistic counterpart to the priests of the Green Church.

D20 Druid Class

The simple druid class is virtually unchanged from DnD base druids. Simple druids are often known as Wyld Druids, or just Druids. Unless they are a member of the Order of Davros, the druid’s class abilities are standard.

Druid – Land Circle: All druids are one of the Circles of the Land by default.
Druid – Moon Circle:
Grollen; Other than this, only the Order of Davros has access to the Moon Circle.
Witch of Dwindor’s Adherent: The Witch of Dwindor Swamp’s Adherents impose her reign powerfully in the Duchy of Dunstrand. As an adherent, the character is known to be the eyes and ears for her, and to be acting on her orders directly or in her behalf.

Sacred Wood: Cypress, Ash / Sacred Plant: Swap Moss

Witch of Dwindor’s Adherent Druid

Advantages: [Within Dunstrand]

  • Circles: Swamp, and Grassland at 3rd
  • Lore: Dunstrand (+2; Dwindor +4)
  • Spell Save DC and Spell Attack Modifier: +1
  • The Lands Stride ability is available in Dwindor Swamp at 4th level
  • At 6th level the Druid becomes immune to disease and poison from creatures in Dwindor Swamp
  • Prepared Spells bonus # equal to their Proficiency Bonus.
  • You regain 1 spell slot level (i.e. 2 saved could be used to cast a 2nd level spell or 2 1st) per Short Rest.
  • Can ignore the first level of Exhaustion.
  • Augury is added to the available spells when within 20 miles of the swamp.
  • 1/Short Rest may summon either a pair of giant bats (flying 30′), a giant constrictor snake (walk 20′, swimming 30′), a six legged slurry lizard (walking 40′ in even difficult terrain), or a large moor cat (walk 40′, climb 30′) to transport them for 4 hours + a number of hours equal to their proficiency bonus. It will not fight, nor will it frighten other natural animals.
Disadvantages: [Outside of Dunstrand] The Druid loses 2 levels of Druid for spell casting purposes and only has access to the Circle: Swamp. If the level loss drops them to below 1st level, then they are at 1st level, and they lose all spell casting abilities except cantrips.

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