Bard of the Steel Realms

Steel Realms
Bards are a formal group with the realms. They are trained to a specific purpose and use their gifts to that end. The bardic profession is one of the few that the Half Elves excel at. Admittance to the bardic colleges at all managed centrally, through the Heroes Hall in Gladnor. The tests, training, and ranking of bards is handled by the Collegia Administrata. This small college is made up of senior members of the others, and are full time positions in maintaining the lore of the realms in combination with various orders, guilds, and groups. Bards are limited by species and roles in Colleges. These are the safest pursuits for the honored position of bard.

The Bardic Code

  • Honor the High King and his vassals
  • Adjudicate the High Kings law when called upon
    – A bard character should always have 1 Inspiration to use for these checks – they are crucial to settling disputes where there is no other formal means.
  • Collect knowledge for the greater good
  • Report all findings at the Heroes Hall
  • Serve the College once a year
  • Fight evil
  • Inspire the good in all
  • Spread news and cheer wherever you go

Race Limits

Technically any race can become a Bard. However, there exists several academies that review, accept, and pre-train individuals for bardic application through Bardic Schools. It is only these particular schools that offer the bardic character trial of Bindings of Book and Word. Half-elves, with a chip on their shoulder and everything to prove, gain a +1 to all checks in the character trials!

Duty to Lore and Community

Knowledge gained can be communicated in a variety of ways. The Colleges have agents allied with many Occult and Divine orders and groups throughout the land. The greater good being the purpose of the Bard, most knowledge is shared (especially news, and proclamations) while knowledge crucial to the security of the lands is passed on in secret, through unknown means.

Bardic School Background

Characters of the race and locale noted in race limits have the option of a special background. The character has been selected and trained from a young age to be a member of the next generation of bards. The skills they possess are related to the mission of the bards, and their training is all towards becoming accepted in the bardic tests.

Skills: History, Acrana, Survival
Bonuses: The bard character is literate in all their starting languages.

  • Lore Bonus:
    • +2 High Kings Law, Elvish History, Human History, Orrish History, Monster Lore (most “monster” knowledge is DC 15)
    • +4: Guilds and Orders of the Steel Realms