Steel Realms Characters

Steel Realms

The ©Players Handbook will be the official starting point, with the general Incarna Character provisions applying, and the Steel Realms an errata of changes and inclusion/exclusions for Races of the Steel Realms and classes for new options. Race may be constrained by locale, and determine class and other options including alignment.

What Steel Realms Characters Must Know

A quick reference for learning some common culture and flavor.

The role of PC’s

PC’s types are common in the sense that many from every place in the realms, in every walk of life seek to make a fortune for themselves – leaving friends, family, home and hearth… and most die. Most common folk will see them as the source of trouble and potential concern. Weapons, adventure, travel, and encounters of the kind most PC’s seek out are something commoners wish to avoid. In some places, PC’s may be “ushered” out of town by angry citizens hoping to prevent the delicate local balance of power from being upset.

Key Historical Events

Full Campaign ReferenceIt is STRONGLY recommended that new players in the Steel Realms Campaign read through the full history of the World to be familiar and comfortable playing in the world from the start.
  • Item – Date
  • Item – Date
  • Item – Date

Laws of the Land

PC’s may not be familiar with the specifics, but there are some universal laws and observances that most denizens are familiar with and abide by.

Factions of Power

PC’s may not be familiar with all of the factions, but some are known across the entire breadth of the realms well, while others are known only to those of related class or backgrounds.

Languages of the Steel Realms

PC’s may not know all the languages, but most are aware that there are multiple, and traveling means they will likely have to learn a few.

  • Racial Languages:
  • Regional Languages:
    • Gladnorian (most common Human tongue)
    • Dundarion (ancient northern tongue)
    • High Umbakian (variant of Dundarion)
    • Mercat (a simple ‘trade’ language)

Character Races of the Steel Realms

Character Classes of the Steel Realms

Core Race Steel Realms Change
Dragonborn [Dragonborn Extinct]
Dwarf (all) Ducateon (caste)
Gnome Skraeling
High Elf/Wood Elf/Drow Ynth Elf/Wyld Elf/Fay
Gnoll Grollen
Half-Elf Half-Elf (mixed Faerie)
Half-Ork Half-Ork (mixed blood Ork)
Halfling > Lightfoot Halfling (3 tribes)
Human Human (Faelen)
Tiefling [No Tiefling]