Shattered Cities

Steel Realms
In CY 5604 the Lich Lords employed a terrible new magic. Dubbed “The Shattering”, it was a mist that would creep over a city, town, or village, soaking into every pour, and then hardening into ice at their command – literally shatter a city or town in moments. Walls toppled, and it laid terrible waste and it was a primary factor in the Fall of Dundaria.

Soon though, the cities became a slaughter grounds for their troops. The mist gave enough time to escape and the shattered cobblestones and paths played havoc on the skeletons that tried to recover bodies. Soon entire divisions were being wiped out – their own construct had become a killing field. Nonetheless, the psychological effect of an entire city crumbling amidst the sound of groaning stone and timber in moments was terrifying. The Order of Davros eventually constructed a ritual of Spirit-Wind to stop the mists before its worst had begun and the area of Shattered Cities came to an end a decade after it began and was never to be seen again.

In that decade though, the mist was able to travel farther than the armies of the Lich Lords and push into the western Hinterlands. Many Shattered Cities lie in its path, abandoned and forgotten. The places are often haunted by angry spirits and shadows even the Lich Lords minions could not control. The stone is even brittle and cracked on the inside, and virtually useless to re-use. They sit in heaps, being avoided.


(A-gray-ginia) Prior to the Spirit-Wind, seekers had been sent through the Flame Of Oruu. to seek enlightenment in Zermai. An attempt was made to save part of the city – making it outside the bounds of the mist’s power. In the block protected form the mist was the great amphitheater of Vrenbaer, sacred to the Lords of Light, which was used to summon otherworldly music and song from the outer planes – this was to be the anchor to try and save the gathered people. The portion of the city was protected, some say transported to another realm. Regardless, they were never seen or heard form again.