Mist Mounts of Haegrollain

Steel Realms
The great warrior-cleric Haegrollain (he had quit the druids to seek has path close to the people) summoned the Mist Mounts to take the remainder of his clan after most were butchered in the battle of Drakens Bluff. For days his family was pursued by ghouls, and he underwent the transformation of the Great Sadness of the North. The mounts carried his people up to the top of the bluff, and he was pulled from his horse, exhausted, in the last wave to attempt to escape. His blood was dumped into the pool from which the mist Horses were drawn, and his magic and blood gave them life beyond his spell. The horde of ghouls tore him apart, but the Mist Horses came down from the top of the falls, freezing the ghouls in the water. The horses then stomped and kicked the hundred ghouls into pieces of a 24 hour period. Since then, they have never been known to hurt another creature (except in self defense). Now they roam the north seeking others of great sadness to serve. AC: 16, HD: 6+12/HP = 45; Resistance to All but Fire, Immune to Cold. Conditions: Immune to Charm, Sleep, Hold.

It is rumored that they are part of the great spirit of Gaia.

Commanding the Mist Mounts

Mist Mount Command
Cost: -1Req/Limit: Possess the Great Sadness of the North;1 Essence
This trait allows the character to summon and command the Mist Mounts of the Hinterlands. The mist mounts are made of mist, and coalesce out of the air. They require no stirrups, bit, bridle or saddle (in fact they cannot be saddled) and can only carry a single rider (and a set of saddlebags). It takes 3 rounds of Bonus Actions to call one forth. No terrain if difficult for them, so long as a normal horse could walk upon it, and they can move at full movement, do not fall, and do not tire. When they fade, it takes an Action and the characters merely deposits themselves and is walking. They cannot exist south of the Nanford River, in Dunstrand. South of the Beyne River they are 1 level group less.

Mist Mount Control
Character Level Hours per 24 Manifestation Powers
1st-3rd 2 Riding
4th-6th 6 Cavalry
7th-9th 10 Cavalry Travel over fresh water
10th-12th 16 War Leap x2 normal distance
13+ 20 War/Familiar Leap x3 normal distance