Ice Ice Baby – A tale of Hard Times in Ados

Steel Realms

Thug LifeHard Times in Ados; this tale stars: a Failed human Priest, human slut-Bard, Halfling skulking thief (“shorty”), half elf fighter outcast (“big man”).

One of the Darding Bloods LT’s named Blinky came to see us at the Headsman’s Axe, a place where neutrals (unaffiliated with gangs as of yet – we ogtta keep our freedom!) like us gather. They needed a milk run (so they said) job done – guarding a shipment of “ice”. Blinkey even keeps his word and sends over a sample for the priest to try. We were to meet at the end of the Lightning Cut in thge Pilum Slums – a place called Ikribus Fist where the wheelwright was located. Afterwards we were followed, but our shadow took them out and left them in an alley.

We were then approached by a man who represented alternative interests. We met with them at sundown in a pawn shop where a man had a crossbow trained on us the whole time under the counter. They offered us a deal if we took a fall in the beat down. We agreed – we wanted no fight. Afterwards we were not sure if it was a test, but we agreed that we would stick to the original deal.

We picked up the cart at midnight. A line colored black strung across the road took out our driver just as the priest was trying to get the “small child” sized crate open to see what was in it – what a perv. The big man jumped at the 2 coming from behind, and the priest snorted the ice and went crazy, running over the horses to take on the 2 in front that were trying to grab the reins and guide the cart away. On the ground, the bard went into a desperate fight to get up and take on 2 on his side. Another 2 began to climb in the wagon, and were ambushed by our short shadow with the knives we had just bought.

The big man went down with a blow to the head. Shorty notices from the shadows the 2 on the big man not holding back – they were gonna kill him (later we figured it was because he was a half breed – no one else seemed to get that kind of attention!) so he throws his last knife and hits – getting their attention. Shorty ran off with 4 pursuers – 2 of them with thrown knives sticking in them. The priest drew upon his holy power – so much for the lie of him being a failed priest. The big man was woken up from the electricity and jumped into the fray. With a thunderous boom, the whole street lights up and the big man helping the priest even got caught in some of the blast. The bard eventually did in his 2 foes, and the thunder wave washed the whole street clean – cleanest it’s been in a hundred years i am sure.

Shorty slides into a street level window on a slum building, rouses the rats inside and gets into a fight in the dark with 4 pursuers – holy shit the screams were insane and confusion played to his advantage. One pursuer goes down and three run as they hear the rest of the party looking for shorty and figure they must be the only ones left.

We take stock – turns out the thunderous wave washed out 2 other men coming up from the front we did not see – their broken bodies are mixed in the debris washed down the street. The priest is screaming – he’s hyped on on Ice and holy power. Turns out the horse attached to the cart is deaf or something – the noise did not seem to startle it. We can hear a lot of whispers though, coming from every broken door and window around us. The slums are coming alive… and the Pilum slum is known to swallow entire families without a trace. We knew we had to get out of there.