Characters of Hard Times in Ados

Steel Realms

Thug LifeHard Times in Ados Players must abide by the standards for Character Creation Parameters Incarna Character Creation Parameters
Alignment Restrictions: No lawful good

Available Races

Generally, just human. A half-breed character might live, but would only come from the slums.

Available Classes

the hard streets don’t produce fancy mages, priests, paladins or the like.

  • Bards: No spell casting
    Generally, these are just entertainers – but still valuable in a fight and insight.
  • Cleric: Only Failed Priests!
    Generally these either grew up ministering to the slums are have some trait (alcoholism, pedophile, drug addiction or lewd and lascivious behavior that cause them to be serving in penance in the worst area of Ados.
  • Fighters: Champions ONLY; battle masters are just too sophisticated and there is no way for them to get training.
    Generally brawlers and bruisers; typical story is fight or be beat down, these are hard men surviving mostly by strength and their ability to take a beating and pass it on.
    • Armor: Light and Medium proficiency only
    • Weapons: Add proficiency in Improvised
  • Rogues: No spell casting
    Generally cons and spies; typical story is smaller and used to using wits and perception to avoid fights – but even rogues are tough in Crow Alley.

Realize that anything can be accomplished with the right back story, but play in thug life is really intended to be unsophisticated.

Perspective Stories for Thug Life

These are still required, but really only need to be a sentence or 2 at the most… Thug Life characters don’t generally have anything remarkable and are not intended to live long.