Blackwell Squad Baggage Train

Coin                         Group Inspiration:

4,110 SC

1000 SC credit towards paying lucky for the ship


7 suits of leather,  6 suits of studded leather,  0 suits sundered studded leather, 2 suits padded armor1 suit of hide 

2 Large light shields, 2 heavy large shields (str requirement 15),  3 Bucklers

10 Rope repairs Twist

Notable Armor

1 suit of Glamorous studded leather Aeren,

Heavy Studded leather +1 (From Elancil Warhero, 13 AC, -2 Initiative, adorned with additional 1000 SC, Greater resilience)

Ducateon Studded leather,  1 suit of  Sturdy half chain (Greater resilience, 1 pt damage reduction while it has resilience) Lieutenant

Umbakian Half Chain (13 AC, -1 Init, Greater Resilience)

Guantlets of Rutiai- crush rubies to gain str 20.  Rubies 1

10 Rope repairs Twist


4 light crossbows w/ 10 bolts, 4 short bows w/ 10 arrows,  2 Short swords,  3 spears, 3 Battle ax, 3 Hand Ax, 1 Mace, 8 daggers

Notable Weapons

Fine Long sword +1 damage LT

2 poison pommel short swords,

Moon shadow Battle ax (From Troll hunter ducateon)

Black Bow of ditch witches (+1 init, +1 to hit, worth 3000) Balls/Twist,

Engineered quiver (can pre-prep arrows to ignite as they are drawn)Crow/Twist,

Warlock ax (unidentified),

Umbakian Broad sword (str 13, Greater resilience/-1 resilience)


150 silvers in Good clothes, 400 silvers in Strend family Lockets sell to collectors, Wizards Notebook (from Trollhunters), Agualfia’s ring, Magic Boat ring ( from the ditch witches and allies), 3 Detect thought  Crystals, Metal Lock Box (no key), Tarnished Ring mail (Pledged to Elancil), Staff (Pledged to Elancil), Brine Coat of Elancil (cursed scale)

Silver hawk ring of Strend: A tarnished silver ring with a hawk on it. It holds a red ruby in one claw and bright green emerald in the other. Inscribed on the inside are the words “Speak Our Service”. If it is donned without speaking the family motto (see History) the hawk animates and attacks the wearer with surprise: AC 17, HP 9; 1 Attack @ +4 for D4/2 – major hit severs fingers and ruins the character’s hand for life (-1 Attacks when using the hand). Otherwise it may be used to cause Mage Hand  three times a day with a ten round duration. If the ring senses the blood of the family within 30’, then, once per Short Rest, the wearer also cast Animal Messenger (hawk) and Protection from Evil. pony

Signet Ring of Strend: Within is a small compartment with the powdered blood of a Strend Family member. pony

1 Love potion Credit with Bella Herbalist outside of Torrelsons ford


Livestock and Vehicles

4 Mules, 2 carts
Massive 12 person pavilion text (Troll Hunter’s), + cook tent and several smaller 2 man tents

Healing and Aid

1 full med kit

Salves (1 per wound) 1pt:10

Poultices (overnight) 1 pt: (10) 2 pt: (5) 3pt: (2), Mustard Wraps Prevent swamp rot and Infection, +1 healing for 3 days (4)

Burn Balm (acid and fire damage) 10 pts.

7 point potion of healing (5),  5 pt potion of healing (1),  Patches of twilight fungus 7 pts healing and a DC 5 CON check or suffer nausea (5), Purgative: Puking, 1 damage, eliminates natural disease and swamp illness (3).

Water breathing Potion (2), Animal Friendship potion (1),  detect thoughts Potion (3),  Poison resistance potion (1), Fire Breath potion (1),

Experimental Nourishment potion: 3 HP, 1 days worth of nourishment, +2 perception for 24 hours.

Food Stuffs

10 Days rations (whole party),

Personal weapons/ Items are not listed

Bannerman Status

Status: Probation

Baronial reputation: 5




Teamster; hails from the northern pine tribes but served in mercenary companies. Has a wound; was left handed but now fights (not well) with his right. Switched to shield on the left. Wants the camaraderie of the mercenary band hence joining the Gallants. Hired by Star while in Torrelsons Ford.
Fighter 1; CON 15; Protector style; Feat of Fell Handed (

Sren Sreng

Tracker, animal handler and guard – Boar Pine Tribesman (exile)
Barbarian 1


Quartermaster Asst; asst. cook, gopher – From Karolak originally (had to leave because wanted for horse rustling)
Rogue 1
Billy Claye – Teamster; Spencer is now playing