Herald’s Quarterly 9168, 1st Quarter

Hear-Ye! Hear-Ye! Read all about it! The Steel Realms Herald’s Quarterly. A semi-regular quasi-quarterly journal of events happening in the Dunstrand Rising Steel Realms campaign setting.

Another attempted invasion of the Cabellan coast by Gwinn

How much longer will the aggression of the new Imperial Gwinn last? The King of Gladnor wants for his lords to work things out… well, thats the nominal position. The Queens war, and politics in the High King’s court have allowed Gwinn to remain unchallenged. For years they have occupied the Tarmysian peninsula (nominally because of the old Sea King bloodlines in that land – long diluted and loyal to the duke) of the Duchy of Dunstrand, using it as a base to move north and make incursions there. For the second time, they have attempted a landing in the impoverished area of the Cabella. Storms usually bode well for the servants of Elancil, but the rocky coast, privateers of Umbak and Dunstrand, and some help from the the Merchant Prinz Navy broke most of the warships of Elancil – along with her enemies as well (the Sea Queen seems indiscriminate in her anger). The troop barges were sent back when the only foothold achieved was lost to a force of allies arriving from the east. It is rumored to be Elves, though others say mercenaries recruited from the lessening dispute between the Merchant Cities and Dunstrand in their boundary to the east. In typical fashion, the pass from Tarmysia was stormed and the forces of West River Run occupied whilst the sea invasion proceeded. It seems as if the stalemate will yet mark another year.

The Queensguard making the rounds

The Queensguard (Long Live The Queen!) representatives of Galdnor have begun another cycle of its elden practice of traveling the realms to seek out those who have acted in accord with the ideals of the High King and acknowledge them. Portions of the guard (this time her majesty’s own dragoons) will be on the road for a full year. the guard tradition of 2000 years is upheld by the remainder – at least half – which will stay in the capital and participate in demonstrations and tattoos for the public this year.

The north sits silent, rumors of Seers

The last few months have seen a marked decline in activity of the winter Host. This always causes rumors to fly, but in Kaald and the hinterlands of the north life is unchanged. The Red March fills with new recruits for Northgate Garrison and those who have served return to crops and families. The court heralds and bards of Kaald have sent whispers of sightings of some of the seeresses of old. When the Witch-Seers of Volgada are seen in the realms, it is tidings of change – not something many of the lords of the realms wish to acknowledge.

Alliance of The Wyldlings and Merchant Cities against Gwinn

Heralds of the Merchant Prinzes have announced a treaty extension again with the free folk of The Wyldes. It will allow some troop movement and exchange of intelligence to watch the movements of Imperial Gwinn. More and more of the free folk flock to the mercenary opportunities the rich Merchant Cities offer, but jeopardizing their own holdings for the promise of riches. This is the inherent problem in their ways and why, eventually, they are better as king’s subjects.

Balto’s Inn nearly burned down

The world famous Inn of Balto Frostman caught fire and burned early this year. Many rumors circulated about foul play, and it has taken an unusually long amount of time to announce the findings of the investigation but authorities say it was nothing more than accident. Ages ago, the Inn was the site of a gathering of heroes not seen since. It saw the uniting of those from royal Umbak to the lowest rogue in a band that would change the fate of the realms, facing men, gods, and beast alike to give the foothold the stability in the realms of today on which to build. It is a symbol to the people of the realms of risk, heroic venture, and bravery. Many a band seeking fame and fortune stop there on their journey, hoping to partake of only a glimmer of the glory that was Jarth Gildnor or Setienne Teilhard. The Inn is running at full tilt once more (and merry and loud as ever), and always looking for the next band of heroes who wish to turn back the Curtain of Night.

Black Gorgons arrest Viscount Gerald Winton

Viscount Gerald Winton of western Adrotha near Red Mark has been apprehended by the Black Gorgons and will likely be soon executed. His betrayal of the caravan of materials and White Sisters at Bear Rock was the most vile deed imaginable. That the foul Nurth spawn and Orrish were able to take so many hostages and murder so many wounded returning from service is a crime against all the king’s subjects. The Viscount was a fool and the Justicars were able to easily reveal his influence. For a man to fall from the High King’s council to such lows is unheard of in recent memory – and has many fearing their own neighbor or brother. Despite whatever magicks employed by the Viscount and his allies, the Black Gorgons were able to find him and capture him alive – the fate of his cadre of demon-worshipers is unknown, as is his family whose full extent of involvement is not yet revealed.