Herald’s Quarterly 9167, 2nd Quarter

Hear-Ye! Hear-Ye! Read all about it! The Steel Realms Herald’s Quarterly. A semi-regular quasi-quarterly journal of events happening in the Dunstrand Rising Steel Realms campaign setting.

Northern Accord: The alliance of Umbak, the Merchant Cities, and Dunstrand (and even Loamwold) in their war against Imperial Gwinn seems to have bourne fruit. The navies of The Merchant Cities and Gwinn have finally had a full battle, and their is no clear winner. The newly reconstituted navy ies of Dunstrand and Umbak (privateers really), aiding in the battle, but ultimately the marines of Gwinn turned the tide – boarding vessels and taking them to turn tham against their flag owners. Thousands of bodies fed the sharks in three days of brutal fighting. Gwinn seems to have made one last push through Gillman Pass in Tarmysia, but were held at great cost in West River Run. There are rumors of peace and Gwinn perhaps leaving Tarmysia.