Herald’s Quarterly 9167, 1st Quarter

Hear-Ye! Hear-Ye! Read all about it! The Steel Realms Herald’s Quarterly. A semi-regular quasi-quarterly journal of events happening in the Dunstrand Rising Steel Realms campaign setting.

Imperial Gwinn on the Move: Gwinn has increased its presence on the Tarmysian Peninsula by at least double. Their war galleys raid up the coast and threaten traffice coming out of the Beyne River. They attempted a massive attack from the territory they recently occupied – again belonging to Dunstrand – of Cabella. Proving Gwinning logistics a marvel once again, they give little clue, and moved massive men and material into temporary armories and marched before they even secured Cabella inland. There was talk of the nortorious Free Cabellan movement being in league with them, but just-in-time intelligence and a Cabellan uprising against the occupiers managed to allow Dunstrand to move troops into WEst River Run’s northern edge and smash the Gwinnish advance.
In bottleneck terrain both sides fought, and Gwinn was forced to use her navy to withdraw thousands of troops cut off between the uprising and Dunstrand’s Army. Neither side’s loses were major.

Northern Accord: In a ground-breaking move, Umbak, the Merchant Cities, and Dunstrand (and even Loamwold) have signed a mutual defense accordance in their war against Imperial Gwinn. Word of this arrives to coincide with the defeat or a Gwinnish advance. Umbak has reconsituted her navy, using ships bought from the Merchant Cities sister states to the south. Though few, they have little are to cover but the ‘Queens Coast’ – the north of Umbak, and there they have, along with Dunstrands small privateer fleet, driven back the Gwinnish patrols that have choked trade in the area for years. It appears to many that Gwinn’s luck may be running out!

All Quiet in the South: For a decade now the nomads of the waste have been quiet. Confirmed over 2 years ago, some wasting disease decimated their population, but caravans are now seen on the move in the deep waste – where only their kind travels.

The Battle of Kallars Deeping: The Ducateon are rumored to have vanquished a mighty host of Orrish which has been threatening Holt Baragatstock for decades. The Orrish artifacts coming into the lands of light give hints to the fate of the host which was originally raised by the Ork chieftan Uhrail Da Gobana; called ‘The Rock Fist of Everdark’. Gaining unnatural longevity from some foul black magic, he is said to have drank the blood of his son. It is said the Ducateon drew first blood in massive raids, and lured the Orrish army into the vast chamber of Kallar – a trade outpost for the under-dwellers, far inside the Deeping where the Ducateon had many of their superior powers underground diminished. It is unknown if the Ork chieftan yet lives or what tactics were used to win the day in such difficult circumstances. Ducateon broadcasts to the realms is notoriously slow, but it is feared the Ducateon have driven many to the surface and there will be scatterings to deal with for years.