Herald’s Quarterly 9163, 4th Quarter

Hear-Ye! Hear-Ye! Read all about it! The Steel Realms Herald’s Quarterly. A semi-regular quasi-quarterly journal of events happening in the Dunstrand Rising Steel Realms campaign setting.

Gallants Vitorious in Bar-Innis: The Gallants have defeated The Maulsmen at the battle of Palldreem’s Field in Bar-Innis. The temporary title of Marshall of Dogwood Flats is withdrawn by Tanner Holraf – regent of Bar-Innis, with the Maulsmen fleeing Dunstrand, the area is nominally given back to Baron Wheglin as a protectorate. Rumors abound that House Malor wasi involved in some way, but no sanctions against the Gallants are given officially… though they are also not recognized for putting an ancient evil to rest at the ruins of Tarly Castle.

Richfield Festival and War with Gwinn: An announcement goes out that the annual Richfield family festival that was delayed will continue in spring of next year! The Gallants will be the escort! No official word has come yet from the Earl, but everyone suspects it will be them, and that The Gallants will continue to operate in Richfield for a while yet. Much speculation is going on about a campaign against the Gwinnish forces in Tarmysia.

Cabellan Uprising: In Cabella, the Duke of Dunstrand has cracked down on the rebellion. While there is war miles away, any instability is not tolerated. There are rumors that the Count of West River Run has gone too far though – floggings, hangings, and forced labor – certainly not the kind of actions thats going to create stability in the region.

Settlers in Richfield: Richfield is employing foreign scouts, strange scouts and many rumors about of their connection to the Gallants and the Wyld faith. Some savage group has settled and The gallants are known to have defeated them initially. They have now fromalized a settlement and discovered minerals in the hills on the north edge of Richfield. They have proclaimed their home Red Spear Steading (what was once a boulder strewn glacier valley – now free of boulders; none know how they accomplished it) in addition to the “hearth cave” of their original settlement. They have sworn for the Earl of Richfield. Notice has gone out to West River Run confirming boundaries and borders – which are of course protested. The Wyld Faith has officially proclaimed them under their protectorate from the Briarwood at the Blood Hawk Inn. Claims on a small tin vein in their area are filed, registered with the metals trader in Varstock Holt (The Ducateon have no prior or current claims), and the benefits of which shall be shared between the Blood Hawk Inn and Red Spear Steading.

Gwinnish Ships: A strange massive ship has been seen in the waters off the north coast of the Tarmysian Peninsula. Along with a build up of many smaller ships and transports, it seems that the Gwinnish are taking the threat of an atttack them seriously.

9164/m12, the Pact of Lillies – Richfield, some Riverdans, and Bar-Innis enter into a mutual protection pact. This is a landmark decision and strikes the politics of western Dunstrand like lightning. In the far court of the Duke, they are accused of open aggression towards West River Run. Threats of trade sanctions, tariffs, and closing routes are made, but they hold firm. There have been some well published border disputes and maneuvering, but none have encroached on the sovereignty of Count Badgericus.