Herald’s Quarterly 9163, 2nd Quarter

Hear-Ye! Hear-Ye! Read all about it! The Steel Realms Herald’s Quarterly. A semi-regular quasi-quarterly journal of events happening in the Dunstrand Rising Steel Realms campaign setting.

Hareen Alive? The Duke denies the rumors that Hareen Bladeheart has returned to the lands of Dunstrand. There have been multiple claimed sightings over the last year. Ducal authorities claim that Hareen is dead, and any such claiming to be him are impostors and liars.

War on Northern Boundaries: The Merchant Cities of the North continue to press the northern boundaries of the Duchy in their bid to expand their influence. With Gwinn strangling sea trade, the merchant cities are trying to expand their in-land territories. Hundred of fresh troops were sent to fight north of the T’Yendi Hills.

War in Bar-Innis: The civil war in Bar-Innis rages as the legitimate Earl Berithor fights against the physical attacks and political charges of treason by his sister. The Duke sends envoys into the Riverdans. The White Sisters of Aerna lodge official protests with the Duke for doing nothing to stop the atrocities said to be perpetrated by both sides.

War Spilling Into Loamwold? Umbakian ambassadors were said to have lodged an official complaint against the Duke in his handling of Loamwold as a protectorate. They claim Gwinnish marauders have come from the sea and sacked several settlements and are threatening to petition the High King to cede the territory to their control.

Northgate Garrison still cursed! Even after defeating the Lich Lords minions, priests of Aerna and the druids of The Wyld are pressed to regenerate the land. Fires burn fresh crops and the struggle for the ancient pass appears to be losing ground. Some voices in the High King’s court are calling for an abandonment of Slate Gap – the neck of the pass, and a collapse of the fortifications there to be rebuild several miles back. The Duke opposes such measures and has sent another 100 men and 10 freshly knighted squires north to aid the effort.